Wendigo Lake operates year-round, and applications for admission can be submitted at any time.  Appropriate candidates for our programs are adolescent males, ages 13 to 17. Youth are typically referred to our programs as a result of substance abuse, family conflict, defiance toward adults/authority, trouble with the law, anxiety, depression, poor grades, lack of motivation, low self-efficacy, and negative peer relationships when less intensive interventions have not been effective. 

Admission into our programs are based on a review of the student's current and past behavior, psychological and educational testing (when available), consultation with guardians and professionals and interviewing the student himself.

Admissions Process

The following is the step by step outline of our admissions process.

Step One | Applying
Please download and fill out our application form
After it has been completed, please email it to admissions@wendigolake.com or fax it to 705.386.2345.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a possible admission, please call 705.386.2376.

Step Two | Reviewing the Application
After our Admissions team has reviewed the application, they will contact you with any questions they may have and to schedule an interview with the youth. 

Step Three | Interviewing
The interview is an important part of the admission process.  The interview is designed to help determine if the youth is likely to benefit from participation in the programs and to help motivate the youth to want to attend.  The interviewer will answer any questions the youth may have about our program and help them better understand how the program works. 

Our interviewer usually travels to interview the youth in person or in certain circumstances may propose a teleconference option.  Parents/guardians who wish to see the program in person are welcome to travel to our campus with the studentfor a tour and the interview.

Step Four | Approval for Admission
Our Admissions team will contact you after the interview to let you know if the student has been accepted into the program. At this time, we will let you know about a potential intake date.

Prior to admission you will need to arrange for completion of the Wendigo Lake medical assessment form, and other admissions paperwork and fax it to 705-386-2345 or email scanned documents to admissions@wendigolake.com.

Step Five | Arranging the Admission date
Our Admissions team will contact you again to arrange an admission date.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a possible admission, please call 705.386.2376 or click here to GET HELP NOW.